Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picasso's Blue Period and Rose Period with Kindergarten

My kindergartners recently studied the work of Pablo Picasso. During his Blue Period, he painted a lot of sad paintings, predominantly in the color blue. As kindergarten learned, colors can show feelings. Sometimes people say they "feel blue". The Old Guitarist is a famous blue period painting depicted a bony old man with torn clothing playing a guitar.

During Picasso's Rose Period, he used rosy colors like pink, red, and orange to depict happy scenes. A lot of clowns and circuses entered Picasso's work during this period. The saying about seeing the world through "rose-colored glasses" demonstrates the connection between rosy colors and happiness.

Below are a few of my kindergartners' happy (Rose Period) and sad (Blue Period) drawings.

Christmas is a happy time. This picture shows the tree, the presents, and of course family:

The boy in this picture is sad because he got pushed down the slide. This student shows impressive emotional intensity in his artwork for being such a young artist:

These two people are sad because they got hit by a baseball and a football respectively:

This boy is happy because he gets to color. You can see that he is holding a crayon:

Some students are more adept with words than pictures. I spelled every word except "I" and "my" for this student:

This student shows her whole family, including two little sisters, in the picture because that is something that makes her happy:

This drawing if of the student and a good friend:

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