Monday, December 19, 2011

Kindergarten Cardinals

This is a fun project  that incorporates Indiana state history since the cardinal is our state bird. I usually try to steer away from step-by-step projects where every student's picture looks the same, but somehow the students' birds always turn out unique. The first step is to draw a big letter "D" and a tall, skinny rectangle on a piece of red paper, and to cut those shapes out. Since the students' outlines vary, the birds come in all different shapes and sizes! Then, the students use crayons to add a beak, eyes, wing, legs, and a little branch for him to sit on. The following week, we use white paint to add snow. I always encourage the students to use just the tip of their brush to make tiny snowflakes, but of course several students always mash their brush down and make huge, messy snowballs.

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