Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4th Grade Hawaii Sunset Paintings

This is a fun project on mixing colors that I got from a workshop at our annual AEAI convention. The students begin by painting a yellow circle in the middle of their page, and then stir a little bit of red paint into it to make yellow-orange. They paint a yellow-orange ring around the yellow circle, and then keep stirring red into their paint, and keep painting larger and larger rings that are successively more red. By the time the students get to the end of the page, there is so much red in their yellow paint, that it just looks like red, not red-orange. The results are quite elegant, and most of the students really enjoyed working on this project and learning how to mix different shades of orange.


  1. I've done this idea done before but not with a sunset, love it! thanks for sharing : )

  2. Really adorable lesson!

    I left you a response to your weaving question on my blog - so you'll want to check back. Good luck!

  3. I'm always looking for fun colour mixing projects other than the traditional colour wheel- this one is perfect, plus I LOVE tropical sunsets! Thanks for sharing.