Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kindergarten Line Drawings

Last week, my kindergarten students learned about four different lines: zig-zag line, wavy line, straight line, and loopy line. Each student drew each line across their page:

Then, the students made pictures using the lines they had learned. Some of the students were very creative! Here, the zig-zag line turns into mountains, and the loopy line turns into smoke:

In this picture, the wavy line turns into water in a fish tank:

Wavy lines also turn into hair in the picture below. The student told me the picture is of her mom, and I asked her if her mom has crazy hair. The answer was no; it's just a windy day.

Here, the straight line turns into a road. Some cars are driving on it, and a skyscraper is right beside the road.

Here, a zig-zag line turns into some mountains that people are climbing up, using ropes because the mountains are so steep:

In this picture, a loopy line turns into some balloons, and straigt lines make the string:

Below is another road, a very popular way to use the straight line. These cars are very colorful!

Here, we have an amusement park with three different roller coasters! The top one is very scary-it's upside down! The next one is the regular one, and the bottom purple line (loopy line) is the most scary roller coaster of all! We also have a wavy line making water with a boat in the middle, and a zig-zag line along the bottom making grass. This student used all four lines in her picture!

I am really enjoying the kindergartners--they're so creative!

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  1. Wow, what talented kids! They really should enter the College GO! Week contest: http://www.collegegoweekindiana.org/contests. :=)