Friday, August 26, 2011

Letter to Parents

Each week, I choose a new "artist of the week" to display in the glass case near the main entrance of the school. This week, I chose an exceptional yarn design by a second grader. The student had created a multicolored flower with many pieces of yarn, and the finished piece impressed me, as well as our office staff, assistant principal, and a few of the teachers in the teachers' lounge.

Since I am still getting to know the students, I wasn't sure whose picture it was until I flipped it over and read the loopy second grade handwriting on the back. His teacher happened to be right there, so I mentioned to her that I would like to write his parents a note to tell them their son's good news. She confirmed that the parents did have the same last name, and I could address the note to "Mr. and Mrs.".

As I was about to go back to my classroom to type a short note, the students' teacher stopped me. "But," she said. "I don't think they speak English."

That threw a new curve ball at me! Determined to contact the student's parents, I consulted Google Translate and a teacher who is quite proficient in Spanish. The result was the letter below, which I certainly hope makes sense!


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