Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday, and my parents surprised me by driving all the way to my school from Indianapolis to take me out to lunch. I was in the teachers' lounge when our assistant principal came in to tell me he was sorry, but I had some visitors in the office and would have to go see them. His too-sad-to-be-real face made me know something was up, so I went to the office, and there were my parents! I showed them my classroom, and the 1st grade animal texture pictures I'd put on the bulletin board this week.

Then, we went into Flora for lunch. The music teacher, whose classroom is adjacent to mine, suggested we try a place called the Porcupine Truffle. We did, and it was fabulous! The soups, salads, and sandwiched that we enjoyed for lunch were delicious, but even more enticing were the handmade desserts, including their special, a "porcupine truffle" which was a chocolate truffle covered with chocolate sprinkles.

The walls of the café were painted with murals, and the napkin holders on the tables also had little porcupines delicately painted on them. As we talked to the woman who owned the Porcupine Truffle, I found out that she had done all of the painting herself, and was quite an artist. I told her that I taught art at the elementary school, and she offered me some oil pastels that she has lots of but doesn't use! I was very grateful for her offer, and plan to stop by the Porcupine Truffle again to pick up the art supplies.

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