Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Short Animation

Today, I shared this amusing animated film with my students. I think animation is a fine art form which all my students should be familiar with. I began by asking the students to think of all the jobs they could think of that an artist could have; usually at least one student thought of animation. 

This short animation is created by Birdbox Studio in London. After viewing it, the class discussed the purpose of such a film; perhaps Birdbox Studio created it for publicity. If people like it, they will share it with others! As Birdbox Studio gets more hits on their website, more companies may be interested in hiring them to create animated commercials.

As the school year is drawing to a close, this little movie was a fun addition to a few lessons. It's only a minute long; watch and enjoy! The students loved it, and kept requesting, "play it again!" "play it again!"

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