Tuesday, May 27, 2014

4th Grade Watercolor Resist Undersea Paintings

I think most art teachers have a few lessons they repeat every year because they love to teach them! One of my repeat favorites is large scale (12"x18") watercolor resist paintings of undersea life based on the artist Wyland's murals. This year, I feel like my 4th graders struggled. With so many snow days earlier this year, the lessons came out disjointed, with too many days off between working on the assignment. One 4th grade class didn't even complete this assignment (my Monday class; too many Monday snow days, in addition to Monday holidays, and professional development days on Mondays).

Well, here are some results from this year. You can compare with last year and the previous year and decide for yourself how my students did this year.


  1. These are gorgeous - I think I like this year's the best! They seem a little freer and maybe more expressive? Pinning :)
    And you are right - I have my favorite lessons I teach year to year because they are always new to that group of kids - it would be trickier if I taught the same lesson to various grades. I will never not teach Starry Night, Jackson Pollock, and Georgia folk art, among many others.

  2. I was just about to say this year's are my be my favorite. They look very free and expressive! Then I read Hope's comment! I can see why this is a favorite lesson of yours. I love the undersea oil pastel and watercolor resist. Also pinning! :D

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback! Looking at them now, I'm quite happy with how my students did; I think I was most disappointed that my Monday students didn't even get to do this project! I had a shorter stack of paintings than usual, but the ones I took pictures of are successful.