Friday, May 9, 2014

4th Grade Mother's Day Coil Flower Pots

My 4th grade students have spent several weeks working on these fine coil flower pots. The bottom of each pot is a swirl with a small hole in the middle (the students started their swirl by curling a coiling around their finger, and then wrapping around and around until it was big enough).

I gave each students a paper place mat to work on that had a circle printed on it. Their coil pot bottom had to fit in the circle. As the student kept building, the circle was a good reminder to work up instead of out, as many beginner coilers tend to do.

As the pots progressed, students added swirls, braids, and dots into their design. We made the saucers last, out of slabs cut into circles, with the edges turned up. We used some Jungle Gems glazes and O-series Amaco glazes.

Then, the PTO purchased flowers for us! My school has the best PTO. They bend over backwards to help with so much! They bought flowers for nearly 100 4th graders, as well as potting soil. I imagine we'll have some very happy mothers this Mother's Day! 


  1. Wow! These are really awesome!! How much did it cost to buy flowers for all of those?

    1. The PTO donated the flowers, so I'm not sure. I'd check a garden store or hardware store, or even Wal-Mart for flowers that can be purchased in large cases. We only used about half a bag of potting soil.