Friday, November 9, 2012

3rd Grade Op Art Hands

My 3rd grade students recently studied the artwork of Bridget Riley and Julian Stañczak. After learning about those artists, my students made their own Op Art-inspired artwork. I have seen this idea on Pinterest and other websites and blogs, so I'm not sure whose idea it was originally. We began this project by tracing our hands lightly (so the pencil marks can later be erased). Then, the students drew straight lines across their paper with markers, but whenever they got to a finger, thumb, wrist, or other part of their hand, they would make a rainbow line. The trickiest part for the students was making four rainbow lines in a row at the fingers, and then switching to one large rainbow line where the fingers attach to the hand.

I love the way these all look in the hallway! As I was hanging my bulletin board today, several students stopped in the hallway and said, "wow, those are cool!" and some asked how to do it. Then, our school secretary stopped and told me that one of the 3rd graders has been in detention lately, and she has been drawing an Op Art hand on her own in detention! I'm glad to know that my students are practicing their art skills outside of my room, even if it is in the detention room :).

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