Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Starry Night with 3rd Grade

Third Grade recently made their own versions of Van Gogh's Starry Night. We used dotted lines to make the stars look like shooting stars or to make them look like they're shining brightly to emulate Van Gogh's painterly style. The following week, the students cut buildings, trees, and other things out of black paper and glued them on for the town. Many of the students tried to make the town look like where they live (some of them live out in the country and have cornfields instead of a town!) after I told them that Van Gogh painted the town he lived in (when he was at the insane asylum at Saint-Remy; I didn't tell the kids that part).

A tornado under the stars? Hmmm....

A car wreck under the stars? I think this student was sitting too close to the tornado kid:

I love the person dancing under the stars!

This is a combine cutting down the corn:


  1. Lots of movement - I enjoyed the ones that evolved into tornadoes, even though they aren't quite fitting into the assignment! The dancer has great feeling :)

  2. These are really pretty. I love the different shades of blue paper.

  3. I also love the dancer! Funny thing is, I don't think the student intended for the person to be dancing; but cutting shapes at that age is hard, so that's the way it turned out!

    There was actually one more shade of blue too, but it didn't photograph well. I like to give my students choices whenever possible!