Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If You Give a Kindergartner a Pair of Scissors....

....sometimes they cut their hair. Oops! Some of the kindergartners are not used to having scissors (some of the classroom teachers keep them hidden, and only bring them out for well-supervised projects), and when they get them, they don't know where to stop cutting!

This little girl had beautiful long hair, and now....well....she has uneven layers. This is what was on my floor when her class left:


  1. That could easily be my floor. It always seems that at least one Kindergartener does this every year!

  2. Oh dear! I always had the ones who snipped at their clothing. Yikes! The classroom teachers should be cutting eith them all the time!!

    1. I agree! But with all of the emphasis on testing and state standards, I don't think they have much time anymore to practice cutting and coloring inside the lines :(.

  3. I can't help smiling. What can you do? One of our five year olds cut her friends hair so she would look like her new teacher. To make is worse, the wee girl hadn't had her hair cut ...ever.

  4. I agree! There's always one or two who cuts their hair. I once had one who cut ALL of her bangs off. At the scalp! I was so sad for her mother.