Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4th Grade Figure/Ground Reversal Art

My 4th grade students are learning about negative and positive space. We did this picture with cut paper. The students started with a 6" x 6" white paper, and a 3" x 3" black paper, and used every scrap; if they cut a circle from the left side, they glued it on the right. I really like the results, and I think that the students grasped the concept of negative and positive space since we talked about how it switches halfway through. One side has black negative space; the other side has white negative space.

This is my bulletin board. I love how they all look together! The contrast of the black and white is so strong.

We looked at this woodcut by M.C. Escher for art history. In it, the top of the picture has white negative space, and the bottom of it has black negative space. The students enjoyed the metamorphosis. One student pointed out that if you start with the simplest goose or fish, and work your way to the more complete ones, it's like a drawing "how-to". I thought that was an interesting observation!


  1. Great work - I especially like the old-style telephone! They make a marvelous group display!

  2. Wonderful. They do look super graphic together.

  3. I like the appearance of depth/shadow that may of them have. Well done, students and teacher!