Monday, March 19, 2012

Art Portfolio

It's not unusual for a student (usually in 5th or 6th grade) to want to show me some art they have done outside of the classroom. I have had many students, usually in the upper grades, ask for advice on an art project they're working on at home, or sometimes they will just bring something in to see whether or not I think it's "good".

Today, I was surprised when one of my kindergartners stopped me in the hallway to ask what time I would be in my classroom without any students. Kindergartners rarely understand how teachers' schedules work ("What? You teach the other students too? I thought  you just came in once a week to teach us!")!

I told him I'd be free any time after 2:05, and promptly at 2:07, he came to my room with a folder to show me some art he'd been working on on his own. I was really impressed. Furthermore, I noticed elements of design that we'd talked about when making patterned owls, and possibly some references to the Dr. Seuss fish we had made several weeks ago. Whether or not my class directly influenced his free-time art, I am one proud art teacher! This student has already exhibited artwork (I submitted his patterned owl to the Youth Art Exhibit at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation in Lafayette. It will be on display until Thursday!), and I cannot wait to see how his artistic talent develops over the next 6 years that I will have him as a student.

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