Monday, March 19, 2012

2nd Grade Pinch Pot Turtles

2nd grade made ceramic turtles. The previous art teacher at Carroll left 5 different shades of green glazes, so the students had many colors to choose from. The turtles' shells are inverted pinch pots, and their head, legs, and tail were all formed from coils. The students did a wonderful job, although there are a few where you can't tell the different between the head, tail, and the legs (6-pointed shiny green star?). I stressed the importance of making the tail really tiny, and the head a little bigger, and most of the students followed the directions. They used their pencils to poke eyes into their turtle's head, and to carve a design on the shell. Over all, I'm pretty proud of how well they did!

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  1. Jessica -

    These are very sweet! The different shades of green add variety and look great. Super job for second grade.