Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More 6th Grade Landscape Paintings on Canvas

I recently posted about my 6th grade students' acrylic landscape paintings on canvas. When I made the initial post, only one of my four 6th grade classes had finished, but I was too excited about how well the students had done to wait until everyone was done to share photos on my blog. Well, I have two more classes done now, and here are some paintings from them!

Acrylic on canvas sounds like an expensive project for an elementary school art budget, but the canvases are quite inexpensive bulk from Dick Blick. They are not stretched canvases over a wooden frame; they are wrapped around cardboard. But, they are primed and ready to use, and worked well with the Blick brand student grade acrylics I bought. Even though acrylics are significantly more expensive than the tempera paints usually used in elementary classrooms, the paints stretched a long way. When used effectively, there is little waste. I'm really happy to have shared this opportunity with my public school students, and I hope many of them will enjoy their painted canvas for years to come!

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