Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kindergarten Architecture

I think it is important for young students to learn about the many different career paths an artist can take. Students who enjoy art have many options for what they want to be when they grow up. Last week, my kindergartners learned what an architect is, and how important it is to plan out what a house will look like before building it. We looked at many different famous houses, including Fallingwater, and several castles. Then, the students used their imagination to pretend to be architects and design their own house. Below are a few examples. Several students were inspired by Fallingwater and have a waterfall near their home; but, none of them designed a house on top of the waterfall like Frank Lloyd Wright did!

This house has a lovely rose window:

This house has a balcony on the roof:

This house has a tower:

This house is really colorful!

This house is located between two waterfalls:

This house has one waterfall:

This house looks like a castle and is located in the mountains:

This house has two balconies:

I find this house slightly confusing....but I think it has a couple of fire escape stairways on the exterior:

This students designed a log cabin:

This one comes with a dog house:

This orange house has a purple chimney:

This house has a lovely stained glass window in the door. Also, I think it might have a garden growing on the roof:

This house is really big!

Here is a house with a price tag attached to it:

This house has some flags on the roof:

This house has a waterfall on the property, and some sort of bridge or something over it:

I like the assortment of windows on this house: a rose window on the third floor, rectangular windows on the second floor, and arched windows on the first floor:

This house has three levels with balconies. I would enjoy living in a house like that!

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