Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3rd Grade Art Inspired by Wayne Thiebaud

My 3rd graders recently studied art by Wayne Thiebaud. We looked at some of his ice cream paintings, and then I taught the students how to mix tints and shades to make light and shadows. The students did a wonderful job using tints and shades to add dimension to their ice cream cone paintings. I let the students make as many scoops as they wanted....a few students went a little overboard :).

After completing the ice cream paintings, I showed the students some of Thiebaud's cupcake paintings, and we made cupcakes out of clay. The top and bottom are both pinch pots, but we rolled the bottom pinch pot on corrugated cardboard to make ridges. The students learned to slip and score in order to attach a cherry to the top of the cupcake. It serves as a handle, since the cupcake is actually a lidded jar.

The students did a great job glazing.

Here are some completed cupcakes:

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