Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6th Grade Op Art Paper Weaving

Several weeks ago I saw a wonderful lesson on weaving on the blog There's a Dragon in my Art Room. I really liked the project, and thought my 6th graders would be able to handle it. However, since my students have not done weaving in the past (unlike Phyl's students, who have done a weaving project every year, and are pros by the upper elementary years), jumping right into a complicated weaving project would be a challenge! So, I started with the easiest form of weaving: paper weaving! After looking at various works by Bridget Riley, my students created their own Op Art by cutting wavy, curved, or zig-zag slits in their paper. They colored their paper strips with analogous colors (had to throw some color theory in there!), and numbered them on the back before cutting so they could weave them in the right order. Some of these really turned out beautifully!

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