Thursday, January 24, 2013

The War is On

In Indiana (for my readers from faraway), the rivalry between Indiana University and Purdue University is going strong. One of my co-workers is a huge IU fan, and my allegiance lies with my alma mater, Purdue. Last month, he put up an "IU Christmas" bulletin board outside of his classroom, so over Christmas break, I sneaked in and put up a "Purdue New Years" board on his bulletin board.

I knew from the beginning I was dealing with someone who has put dead bats in people's desk drawers for no reason, so of course there will be vengeance. However, I didn't plan to admit to having done it. But, his students figured it out during art class a few weeks ago, and 5th graders can't keep secrets very well (at least not a whole class of them!), so they squealed. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg (he has a lot more planned, I'm sure!), but I came in to school this morning to find my 6th graders' zebras in the hallway upside down! Not all of them, but just enough to make it look like Miss Young has no clue how to put up pictures....

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