Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November "Artist of the Month" Awards

Here are the paintings that have been hanging on my bulletin board all month for November "Artist of the Month" awards. These students did an excellent job! Stay tuned for next month's artist awards, which I plan to post tomorrow.

6th Grade:

5th Grade:

4th Grade:

3rd Grade:

2nd Grade:

1st Grade:


Monday, November 7, 2016

Junior Primary Tractors

My school recently added a "Junior Primary" section for students who have completed Kindergarten, but are not ready for 1st Grade yet. It's a small class--only 11 students--so I am able to do some fun things with them! I can give them a lot more individual attention, and I can use costlier supplies, since everything only has to stretch for 11 students, not 80 to 100, as most other grades are.

However, my basic curriculum follows 1st grade standards. But, I can't do any of the exact same lessons as 1st grade, because they will then do it twice, as all the JP students go to 1st Grade next year. My 1st grade students are currently learning about mixing secondary colors. For their green project, they painted a frog. I had to think of something else green for JP; I decided on John Deere tractors! The students loved it! Here are a few of their paintings.