Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Geometric and Free-Form Shapes with 2nd Grade

My second grade students are learning about geometric and free-form shapes. It takes all kind of shapes to make a picture, but many of them are shapes that we know, like triangles, circles, and rectangles. My second graders had to make a collage using at least one geometric shape, and at least one free-form shape. Most of them were very creative! It was a little tricky making things like windows on houses with just shapes (and no crayons or pencils), but I showed the students how skinny rectangles can be used to make the criss-cross lines on a window.

Everyone at school loved this John Deere tractor since we live in a rural community:

I like the organic clouds in this picture of a hotel:

This is a student's dining room table. She created an overhead lamp, a serving dish, and two place settings, all while assisting struggling classmates at her table (an art teacher's delight!):

This is a forest with a tree falling down. I think the student had planned to add more, but ran out of time:

A soccer goal:

I really liked the bird in this picture:

A bright orange house with a green swing set:

I'm not sure what the brown rectangle on black legs is, but I like this picture anyway:

This was my favorite window of the bunch:


  1. I like the geometric/freeform challenge, it requires the kids to think creatively. Nice work!

  2. They remind me of Matisse cut paper collage and I LOVE Matisse!