Monday, April 27, 2015

4th Grade Oil Pastel Cakes

After looking at cake paintings by Wayne Thiebaud, my 4th grade students created their own using oil pastels. They did a great job of first drawing a cylinder, then cutting a 3-D slice out of it, and lastly blending the pastels to create different values for shadows and highlights on the cakes. I'm looking forward to making a display of these pieces in the hallway, because I love the way they look in a group!


  1. It must be a Wayne Thiebaud cake kind of day!

    1. Oh, I love yours! Such bright bold colors :). And, your sweatshirt is so fun too! Love the tie-dye cake; sometimes I want to bake something to go along with a Thiebaud lesson, but I never do, because I'd have to do it four times! (I have four sections of each grade).

  2. These are gorgeous! I did some years ago with my younger grades but yours are way better! I may need to try it again this year! Thanks for the inspiration!