Thursday, September 12, 2013

Group Project

Yesterday I was asked if I'd have time during art class today to help a second grade class make a birthday card for their teacher. I was happy to oblige, and here is what the students made. One of the students drew the vase, and each student drew a flower. Several students were able to draw at once, since the card is large. The stems were added last. Then, I picked a smart, responsible student to do the lettering inside. I asked her if she could spell "happy", and she said yes. "Birthday?" Yes, she could spell it. "Mrs.?" Yes. And the teacher's last name? Oh, yes, she said.

Well, she spelled her teacher's name wrong! She used a "k" instead of a "ch". Somehow it just added to the charm of the really is cute how she wrote out the message inside! Then, each student signed their name inside while they were in line to get paper for their art assignment of the day. And we still got most of what I had planned for the day done! During recess, the students told me that no one had told the teacher about the surprise card yet (she'll get it tomorrow). I think she'll have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! Especially since the Parent Teacher Organization at Carroll bakes cookies for every teacher on their birthday!

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