Monday, May 13, 2013

Grade 6 Ceramic Mugs

6th grade made slab-built mugs from clay this year, just like last year. I generally try to switch up some projects, but this one is pretty popular, and all of the younger students keep asking when they can make mugs. I keep saying, "when you're in 6th grade!", so I guess this project is here to stay for a while. Here are a few from this year:

This one says "kitty kat" on the front, and "is what you can get me anytime" on the back. It's a hint for her parents....

Brandon is her brother or cousin or something; I don't let students profess their love for their 6th grade boyfriends or girlfriends on their art because chances are very slim they will still love that person a year from now!

Basketball on the inside:

Nike swoosh on the inside:

Spring and fall; words are a little hard to read.

I'm not a fan of IU (Purdue's biggest rival), but this girl did a pretty nice job on her IU mug:

And here is a Purdue one! This student does diving, so the back of her mug says "Dive".

This student is very interested in wolves, and created a wolf on one side of the mug, while the other side says, "okami", which means wolf in Japanese, if I remember correctly.

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