Thursday, March 21, 2013

Missing Art Supplies!

For the past year and half, my erasers and pencils would constantly go missing. My students rarely take things intentionally, but they often forget if the pencil in their hand is theirs or one they borrowed. I lost so many pencils and erasers this year that I even bought some myself (and when I spend money on my job, I like it to be for something special for my students, not basic supplies!). Finally, I started writing "Miss Young" and "Art" on all of my pencils and erasers. At last my eraser bin and pencil cup are staying full! Several times a week, I'll even have a student come to return something they found in their art box that they had taken by mistake. If they see my name on something among their own things, they bring it back! I haven't had to refill my pencil cup for several weeks now.

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