Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4th grade Movement Pictures

4th grade recently studies the two Futurism paintings below. The subject matter in both pieces of artwork are depicted in an unusual way because of movement. The dog and his owner are both moving very fast, so it is hard to determine exactly where the dog's legs or tail are, or where the owner's boots are. It also appears that the dog has four chains! The cyclist also looks unusual because he is moving very fast. Hist back is fractured into segments showing where he was just a split second ago, and he seems to have at least 3 feet. Lines around the bicycle wheels also imply that the bike is moving very quickly.

After looking at these pictures, the 4th graders brainstormed their own ideas of things that move. There were some very clever ideas! Below are a few of their movement pictures.


  1. First time reader- I think this project is really cool! All of the examples seem so unique but still spot-on. Nice work!

  2. Love the whale! Great lesson too. I haven't thought about futurism since college(back in the dark ages!ha!)